Appeasement and conversation not enough to combat terrorism – Fox News, November 20, 2015

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With Islamic terrorists on a global rampage, some presidential candidates are weighing in. Eric asked Republican strategists Adam Goodman and Michael Maslansky whether Trump and Carson will pay a political price for recent comments. “We have all been shocked by the recent events and we want answers,” Goodman said, adding, “ This election is about the insecurity and anxiety that is permeating the American public, which wants leaders who are strong and who tell it like it is. At times the rhetoric may seem over the line, but when it comes to terrorism there is common ground.”

But Maslansky suggested that Trump and Carson may be damaged by their inflammatory remarks. “Americans are looking for a leader, someone who will be responsible with their rhetoric.”

Goodman concluded by comparing President Obama’s foreign policy re ISIS to (former English Prime Minister) Neville Chamberlain whose appeasement policy toward Nazi Germany was blamed for fueling the Second World War. “We’ve got a President acting like Neville Chamberlain, who through appeasement and conversation thought he could back down Adolph Hitler…(today) we’ve got an enemy that will not be negotiated with, that will not be silenced, will not be stopped ’til someone stops them.”

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