Beginning of transformation of America’s two political parties. – WEDU’s Florida This Week, June 3, 2016

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An independent voter surge in Florida; Trump’s veteran donation controversy; The department of corrections political interference and cover up; The Trump rally in San Jose.

Joining moderator Rob Lorei on WEDU Florida this week Rita Farrandino, Adam Goodman, Eric Deggans, and Joe Henderson all discussed these various topics and their outcomes.

“It’s the beginning of the transformation of the two political parties,” Adam Goodman responded when asked about the 42% of newly registered voters that are either third-party or no affiliation.

People are getting tired of the system and the status quo, so this independent surge is, as both Goodman and Harvard Professor V.O. Key Jr. theorize, ultimately a shot in the arm to the entire system, it rejuvenates it.

Goodman predicts that in this lifetime, “we are going to see an independent run and win the Presidency of the United States”.

When talking about the Donald Trump veteran donation controversy Goodman said, “First of all veterans are supporting Trump big in this election, they like his attitude, they like his approach to replacing fright with might in this world.”

Goodman goes on to address that this entire situation was a setup as the press conference and coordination of this assault came from the help of the Clinton campaign. “The bottom line here is Donald Trump would love to talk about veterans, American veterans all day long.”

When the topic of the Florida state prisons came up, Goodman brought up State Senator Jeff Brandes and his reform movement aimed at cleaning them up. As Brandes says, “what we need are not better convicts, we need better people when they come out.”

Of the Department of Corrections’ future, Goodman said: “We need to get serious about this and do the right thing, or we are going to start turning out more and more convicts that are more hardened than ever and start paying for it as a society.”

When each panelist got to bring up a pertinent issue of their choosing, Goodman brought up the Donald Trump rally in San Jose where innocent Trump rally participants were pelted, assaulted, and running for their lives. Digging deeper on the issue Goodman said, “What is wrong with us that we can’t stand up and speak our minds, take a stand and not have to worry about our lives.”

Goodman feels that the only way to get this violence to stop is to have the contenders for the presidency take action. “We’ve got to stand up and say we’re going to compete like crazy were going to try hard to win this nomination and to win this presidency but were not going to do it at the extent of civil peace.”

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