Biggest fight in fall election may be over Supreme Court – Fox News, March 3, 2016

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Biggest fight in fall election may be over Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is divided on a case concerning controversial restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas, which opponents say will make it near impossible to operate a clinic in the state. Without the late Justice Scalia, the court could face an even split on the matter.

Adam Goodman discussed the matter on Fox News’ Strategy Room with Patti Ann Brown and fellow political strategist Joe Lestingi.

“We have a lot of cases hanging in the balance,” said Goodman. “What we’re looking at is a need in America to have a Supreme Court that is a full court.”

“The problem is where politics come into play. We fully expect that the President is going to put forth a nominee that is unacceptable (to Republicans)… and that makes everybody uneasy.”

Goodman said the Supreme Court should be a symbol of independence, but because the nomination of justices is mired in politics, the court its self has become yet another opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to dispute.

“The biggest fight (in the fall) might not be the presidential campaign or even control of the Senate. It might be the fight for control of the most important branch of the judiciary in the nation.”

Goodman also noted that Trump could use a pending Supreme Court nomination to his advantage should he be named the Republican nominee for president by taking a conservative stance on the matter.

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