Hot Flashes vs. Hot Ideas

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Must be at least 35 years-old. Must be born an American citizen. Must be postmenopausal?

This is the crazy notion put forth by Dr. Julie Holland in a recent Time Magazine article. How anyone didn’t pick up on this comedic piece of copy earlier I don’t understand.

According to Holland, women who survive “ the change” are ideal candidates for leadership. And, if Clinton were to win her bid for the White House, she’d be doing so at a time when she’d “have all the experience and self-assurance of a postmenopausal woman”.

I happen to think Dr. Holland’s logic is chronologically challenged.  This country would fair much better with countries like Iran, Russia, and North Korea if we had a female President who was one hormonal surge away from a hot flash conniption. 

Read the Time article here.

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