California searches for answers to water crisis – Fox News, June 17, 2015

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Ashley Intartaglia and fellow political consultant Joe Lestingi joined host Gregg Jarrett on’s Strategy Room to discuss California officials’ decision to cut off water to Mountain House, a town outside of Scaramento. California is calling for water saving measure statewide during the current water crisis.

Intartaglia said that despite California’s measures like restricting water for farmers, asking citizens to take shorter showers, this problem doesn’t have a simple fix.

“This isn’t an issue that’s going to go away by a heavy rainy season,” said Intartaglia. “This is something that’s going to require a lot of smart, innovative people to come to the table.”

Intartaglia suggests California officials take a cue from U.S. allies in Israel where creative measures have averted water crises for desert communities.

Intartaglia also cautioned that water solutions should be considered not just for California exclusively, but for the entire nation before future crises appear. “This is something we need to be thinking about as a group, not state by state.”

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