Cruz and Fiorina to take on Trump – Fox News, April 28, 2016

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Politicos around the country are talking about Ted Cruz’s pick for vice president – Carly Fiorina. Adam Goodman and Fox News contributor Ellen Ratner joined host Lauren Green on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss Cruz’s announcement, Trump’s response, and what this could mean for the remaining primaries.

The timing of Cruz’s announcement lends strength to his campaign. Goodman notes that the promise of Fiorina as a potential VP could help in her home state of California where the primary is approaching. Having gone through the better part of an election, Fiorina is a fully-vetted entity with an extensive supporter-base throughout the country.

“Think about the ultimate irony here,” says Goodman. “Look at these two, Cruz and Fiorina, who pride themselves on being outsiders, and now they’re ganging up, backed by the inside, to try to take down the ultimate outsider.”

Donald Trump, who is the current GOP frontrunner, called Cruz’s nomination of Fiorina “desperate,” has yet to earn the 1,237 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

“I actually think because the American public has been weighing in on fairness, close this year may be close enough.”

Goodman also noted that the teamwork between Kasich and Cruz to prevent Trump from earning the necessary delegates fits Trump’s narrative of unfair treatment by the GOP to a T.

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  1. Carly get over your self ! You didn’t make it in the primary alone ! And Cruz is using u how he use John K. He’s using u for the stupid women out there that believe in a failed CEO HP ! Who Got fired ! (Smh) & your using Cruz to get in that White House any which way you can ! I call you both one lies and the other ones swears ! Both losers !!!! Who will do nothing for United States but only line their own pockets ! And keep status quo !
    There is a God and that’s Trum there is a God and he brought us. TRUMP !!!!

  2. I am really embarrassed for how corrupted our election process is. I always figured there was a lot of dirty tactics going on, but to openly, and obviously let the world know this is just crazy, and not too intelligent. I bet we are the laughing stock of the world. Dear God, help us.

  3. If John Kasich turns his allegiance to Trump in hopes of becoming his VP then he is one hell of a two-faced person. I hope it’s not true because I really like and respect him. Says there is no way case it can win the nomination on his own it would be as if he is willing to play second fiddle out of desperation.

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