Cruz targets Trump, changes ground game – Fox News; April 14, 2016

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Photo by Michael Vadon

Adam Goodman and Democrat David Mercer joined host Patti Ann Browne on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the change in Ted Cruz’s campaign strategy focusing on stopping Donald Trump from earning the necessary delegates rather than winning the nomination himself.

“For months, Trump has been winning the popularity contest, and Cruz decided he could counter it by trying to win the delegate race,” said Goodman.

The Cruz campaign has been lauded for its grassroots work.

“If Cruz prevails, I think he will pen a new book titled “Cruz Control” which talks about the ground game, social media – doing the things that go beyond television,” said Goodman.

“This convention, if it is contested, will be one for the books,” said Goodman, who predicts a Trump victory in New York.

Goodman also added that it’s possible that Donald Trump, America’s Deal-Maker, could cut a deal with Republican leadership before the convention.

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