Demands for Trump to release tax returns go unanswered – Fox News; May 12, 2016

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Photo by Gage Skidmore

There have been demands for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, and although Trump says he has nothing to hide, he is still facing escalating pressures by both political parties.

Adam Goodman and Ellen Ratner, Fox News Bureau Chief, joined host Patti Ann Brown on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss calls for Trump to release his tax returns and the implications if he continues to refuse.

On the Republican side, Governor Mitt Romney has been adding flame to the fire of this issue by making claims that Donald Trump’s tax returns must be a “bombshell of unusual size” and is quick to judge that Trump will be disqualifying himself if he were to continue to conceal his tax returns. However there is absolutely no legal requirement for presidential nominees to release this information, in fact in 1976 President Gerald Ford only released a summary of his.

Goodman says it’s “rich” for Clinton, who received $250,000 for a single speech at Goldman Sachs, to be calling for Trump to release financial information, noting an air of hypocrisy.

“Donald Trump probably has the most complex financial statements of anyone who’s run in the last 50 years. It’s not an easy thing for him to provide,” said Goodman, who feels the issue has been blown out of proportion. Goodman also dismisses Romney’s assertion that there is a secret lurking in Trump’s statements.

Goodman also said that Clinton will conduct an effort to delay the Department of Justice investigation or verdict on the Clinton email scandal.

“Maybe these are two unwritten stories that we’re just going to have to write the last chapters of ourselves,” said Goodman.

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