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Discontent created by Sanders could ultimately help Trump – Fox and Friends, March 12, 2016

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Donald Trump’s supporters received a lot of attention over the weekend and not for the best reasons. Ongoing contempt and reports of violence at Trump rallies culminated in the candidate’s decision to cancel a rally in Chicago just days before another round of primary elections. Adam Goodman joined Fox News to talk about Trump’s decision.

“I don’t think anyone in America enjoyed seeing what happened in Chicago,” said Goodman. “This campaign has been raucous already in terms of the numbers of those who have been tuning in.”

“The element of free speech is critical to everything we believe in, but I also believe this was an isolated incident that maybe expresses some degree the angst and impatience and anger that Americans have with a system they just think has let them down,” said Goodman. “You feel that both from the left and the right, which is why we see two candidates in particular – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – who have truly created political movements.”

Trump and Sanders have both stirred up anger and discontent for many Americans who are struggling and have highlighted issues that often hit close to home. Should Clinton win the Democratic nomination, this discontent could ultimately serve Trump.

“I think it’s refreshing that we have two candidates who are not controlled by advisors and who are not paying attention to polls,” said Goodman. ‘They’re laying it out there the way they feel it – spontaneously, not in a calculated way, not in an overly choreographed way. It’s real talk about real things that are bugging us, and I believe that, at the end of the day, Bernie Sanders (if he doesn’t make it as the Democratic nominee) will be, in a sense, preparing Hillary for someone on the other side of the divide that is very much like him.”

Goodman also discussed Sanders’ movement ultimately aiding Trump in a recent op-ed for the Tampa Bay Times.


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