What Donald Trump Needs To Win. – The Cat’s Roundtable August 14, 2016

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Adam Goodman joined John Catsimatidis on The Cats Roundtable, a weekly radio show that looks at political and government issues from around the country.

Catsimatidis and Goodman talked about the coming battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and offered insight into what to expect in the coming months.

Goodman has long maintained that the popularity of Donald Trump can be attributed to Americans’ discomfort with their government and their overwhelming desire for change. Despite recent campaign problems and multiple faux pas on the part of Trump, Goodman contends that support for the GOP candidate remains strong.

“He’s an outsider who has become kind of a mouthpiece for a nation that’s looking for ways to do things better,” said Goodman.

On the other side of the aisle, Clinton is also facing problems.

“I think there’s something still lurking… and that is WikiLeaks,” said Adam Goodman. 

Those responsible for the leaks of emails from leaders of the Democratic party have promised there are more leaks to come, and that they will be damning for the party and Secretary Clinton.

“Will that be enough to upset the other things that Clinton has going for her?” asked Goodman. Clinton enjoyed overwhelming support at the Democratic National Convention and has more political experience than Trump.

When asked if Trump can still win, Goodman said that he absolutely could, despite the problems the campaign has faced since the close of the RNC. However, Goodman suggests that changes should be made to the campaign strategy.

“He’s got to get off of some of the things that obviously have cost him dearly in the last ten days. He’s got to stop making this a referendum on tweets and catchy headlines and get back to the central message, which is twofold: 

One is that Secretary Clinton and President Obama have had eight years to try and get things straight. This country has seen a shrinking middle class, a wealth gap increasing, uncertain foreign policy, a more dangerous world, and a border that simply doesn’t seem to exist. 

I think people are looking for something better, and he’s got to make it a referendum on that as well as the system.”

 Listen to the complete radio segment here.

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