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Election day in Florida provides test market for candidates – NPR, March 15, 2016

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Ohio and Florida are some of the biggest political prizes in the primary elections, and all eyes are on those states today as voters head to the polls. In addition to being a winner-take-all state for delegates, Florida is often seen as representative of the country. With so many cultures and political views coexisting across the state, Florida offers more than just sunshine – it provides a preview of what the general election might look like.

National Public Radio (NPR) talked to state political experts today including Adam Goodman, who chimed in from WUSF in Tampa.

Goodman asks: “Florida is one of the major test markets in the country for everything – new ideas, new products. Why would it not be the test market for new candidates?”

“All of America has learned lots of things along the trail,” said Goodman. As Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (a client and friend of The Victory Group) endorsed Donald Trump on the eve of the state primary, lines are being drawn by politicians and voters alike.

“This whole thing seems to be about stopping Trump as opposed to what Trump really represents,” said Goodman. “In Florida, you can feel it. It’s a reaction to a system that people feel has let them down.”

“To make any predictions about how Donald Trump would do against anybody is hazardous at best,” added Goodman, who says the Trump movement is unpredictable and has serious momentum that could carry into the general election should he become the GOP nominee.

Goodman also drew comparisons between Sanders and Trump, who have both begun movements across America.

In Florida, many are looking to Marco Rubio to carry his home state and pull delegates away from Trump.

Goodman says he’s not surprised Rubio has made a smaller impression than other candidates among Florida voters. “For a lot of Jeb Bush supporters who were with Jeb all the way… it wasn’t an easy transition (to Marco). It wasn’t ‘okay, the one hometown hero is done, let’s move to the other.’”

Goodman also said that the economy is still a primary voting concern in Florida, despite the recent recovery in the job market.

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