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All eyes on Florida – MSNBC, March 10, 2016

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Florida is a unique state for politicians and their teams to approach. It is a melting pot of political philosophies and cultures, making it a difficult state to predict.

Adam Goodman talked to MSNBC about the upcoming Florida primaries and what it can mean for the GOP nomination.

“That was a different kind of Marco that we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks,” said Goodman of Rubio’s recent attacks on Trump and sometimes immature behavior. “You heard he regrets it and I think that’s true. We’ll see tonight (at the GOP debate) if that is an indicator of tactical change in Marco’s campaign.”

When asked if endorsements were a major player in developing support for candidates, Goodman said there’s an even more important factor in Rubio’s home state.

“Here in Florida we have something else that’s going on,” said Goodman. “The non-endorsements. Think of those who aren’t endorsing ‘the hometown kid.’ You’ve got Governor Rick Scott, the very popular Attorney General Pam Bondi, and… Jeb Bush.”

“The non-endorsements, when Marco really needs some bandwagon, some momentum… he doesn’t have that.”

The conversation then turned to comparisons between Donald Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

“The governor came into the process from the outside,” said Goodman. “He started with kind of a tea party challenger to the system, and what we’re really seeing now is a referendum on the system its self.”

Goodman also talked about Scott’s potential endorsement of Donald Trump. As many have begun to speculate whether or not Scott will endorse his longtime friend, Goodman reminded viewers that Scott vowed not to endorse a candidate before the March 15th primary.

“The eyes right now are on Florida,” said Goodman. “Welcome to the Sunshine State.”

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