Fox Business-December 1, 2016

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Fox News commentator and Victory Group President Adam Goodman joined Washington Times editor Kelly Riddell, former Trump Campaign Advisor Steve Rogers, and host Charles Payne to talk about Trumps Carrier announcement.

The “Carrier Deal” made headlines this week and has many skeptics giving President-elect Trump another look as he announced a major renegotiation with the company, saving 1,100 American jobs from going the way of Mexico.

“The campaign for President is over, but the campaign for America has just begun,” said Adam Goodman of Trump’s “Thank You/Victory Tour”.

“Trump sent a very clear message. He’s going to be a hands on, active President that’s going to go right at trying to put America back to work,” Goodman continued.

As 1,100 families celebrate the good news, Donald Trump is making news…by making it clear he’s not waiting for inauguration day to start making America great again.

Watch the full interview below.

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