“Fury of frustration and resentment” over possible Gitmo closure. – Fox News, November 26, 2015

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President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act with provisions that may allow him to close the well-known detention center at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama has expressed his disappointment that congress has failed to support the closure of the facility despite considerable support for keeping the center open and running. Adam Goodman was on hand at Fox News headquarters in New York to discuss the matter with Chuck Rocha (Fellow at the Center for National Policy and President of Solidarity Strategies) to discuss the politics surrounding the issues.

“This is so chilling,” said Goodman. “America is at war with terrorism, yet we want to close down a prison that houses detainees suspected of terrorism at a time when we offer a very tepid response to what has happened to our friends in France.”

“Of the detainees who have been released from Gitmo, 18 have gone on to commit additional acts of have been associated with additional acts of terrorism,” said Goodman. “The president, as Commander in Chief, has never found his voice… he is, [as] many people would think, out of his league.”

Goodman called the rationale that Guantanamo Bay should be closed because it is a potential breeding ground for terrorists and a recruitment tool for ISIS the cause of a “fury of frustration and resentment.”

“This country is singularly, once again, refusing to lead and the President is exhibit A. I think we are owed more from the President of United States than lectures and talking down,” said Goodman, calling the continuation of the detention center a symbol of America’s drive to “fight back” against terrorists.

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