“Game Changers” – Week of May 25th

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2016 Polling Fever

In the last GOP Presidential nomination derby seven different candidates led the field at various times, accompanied by the usual gush of “this may be the one”. In quick succession, all before Mitt was chosen to carry the banner, Rand Paul was demonized, Michelle Bachmann marginalized, Rick Perry lost his focus, Herman Cain his moral pulpit, Newt Gingrich his personality, and Rick Santorum his momentum.

Today, you could argue there are several frontrunners – Bush, Walker, Rubio; a number of contenders – Carson, Huckabee, Kasich and Fiorina; and a few dark horses – Christie, Perry, Jindal and of course, The Donald.

The key here is not to divine who’s leading in hypothetical matchups, but rather who’s meshing best with the qualities Americans are looking for in their next Commander-in-Chief: experience, integrity, courage and leadership.

Poll numbers will only start to matter when the scene shifts from carefully choreographed introductions to publicly televised debate stages across the country.

Debate Math: Nine is Enough

Herman Cain was nowhere before a few debates changed his prospects from nil to “9-9-9”. Newt Gingrich commandeered South Carolina after he neutralized and neutered John King on a debate stage in Charleston. On the flip side, Perry was paralyzed, and Bachmann dismissed, after debate performances that were remembered for all the wrong reasons.

I understand why, theoretically, we would want to see every GOP candidate have a shot in a televised debate, but at some point the number becomes unwieldy, the debate unrevealing, and the verdict irrelevant.

For those who are treading near the cut line, I have this advice: filing for office is not an entitlement for millions of dollars of free exposure. Raise dollars, raise your profile, and raise your game. If you are unable to crack the top 9, this just isn’t the right time, or the right place, for your service and your talents.

Nine is enough.

“FIFA – aka “Fully Inept & Fully Arrogant”

Soccer remains the most watched sport in the world, and deserves world-class leadership that’s transparent and beyond reproach.

Sepp Blatter, the current President of FIFA, just coerced and corralled a re-election vote of confidence, for the fifth time, after virtually pleading the Fifth on charges of corruption, payoffs, and improper contract bids.

The awarding of the next World Cup to Qatar in 2022 raised a lot of red flags, and now we know why. More than a thousand migrant workers dead, and a trail of money that leads into the pockets of those charged with the decision.

Sack Sepp now.

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