Hillary Clinton seeks approval of black voters – Fox News; April 14, 2016

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Hillary Clinton is addressing systemic racism in her latest campaign speeches as she seeks the black vote following several racial faux pas.

Adam Goodman joined Democrat Dave Mercer and host Patti Ann Browne on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss Clinton’s new rhetoric as the New York primary rapidly approaches.

“She’s hitting all the right hot buttons,” said Goodman, referencing both Clintons’ long history and credentials with the black community.

Still, Hillary Clinton’s speech at the National Action Network gathering to address black voters received a lukewarm response.

“It’s more owing to her style than her substance,” Goodman said of the lackluster reception. “She said the right things, but her style is still very underwhelming.”

“It’s fair to say that the Clintons have been there, they’ve come through for the black community in meaningful ways,” said Goodman.

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