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In poor taste, Hillary Clinton jokes about disappearing messages– VGI Blog

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When Presidential candidates use the traditional benign and predictable language to address the masses, voters fall asleep at the wheel. What we crave instead is the occasional humorous outburst – that moment when a candidate let’s their hair down, cracks a joke, and gives us a fleeting glance into the fact that they are indeed human.

But sometimes political candidates just need to keep their mouths shut – advice which should have been passed on to Hillary Clinton as she stumped at the Iowa Fair this weekend. Despite all of the coaching and cloaking performed by Clinton’s team to make her more palatable to the average Joe, she just couldn’t help herself.

During a speech over the weekend, Clinton made the following comment about her new Snapchat account:

“You may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account,” she said. “I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.”

A shiver went up my spine as I watched her proudly deliver her joke to the Iowan masses. I even think I saw a set of horns briefly protrude through her hair as she finished the joke and pulled her forked tongue back between her lips. Was she alluding to the missing Benghazi emails – the ones with details of a deadly attack that should have been released into the public record?

While some saw the comment as Clinton wittily combatting her less social media savvy Republican haters, I saw it as sinister.

Sinister that a woman who wants to be President of the United States can be so arrogant as to crack a joke about her own illegal activities. Sinister, that Clinton views actions which put our country at risk as humorous. Sinister, that many of those “messages” she’s joking about pertain to the murders of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens; information management officer Sean Smith; and two former Navy SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. 

Let’s save the jokes for things that are actually laughable, like Clinton’s dwindling chances at being our next President. 

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