Inevitability does not ensure momentum. – Fox News, March 7, 2016

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Adam Goodman joined host Lauren Green and Democratic strategist Douglas Smith on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the heated Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“To consider that debate somewhat raucous compared to what we’ve been seeing on the Republican side is somewhat of a reach,” said Goodman. “Beyond the trading of jabs… Bernie knows he’s going to have to start scoring a little bit better and a little bit sooner.”

Of Hillary, Goodman said that despite the likelihood that Clinton will become the Democratic nominee, supporters’ energy is still attached to Bernie.

“On the other front, I’d have to say inevitability does not ensure momentum. It does not breed enthusiasm. In this race, the excitement is still on the side of Bernie Sanders, and I think that Hillary has to take that seriously if they want to be competitive in the fall,” said Goodman.

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