Iranian Deal Creates Opportunities For Leadership – WRDC-AM Radio, Connecticut, August 5, 2015

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As we near a congressional vote on the Iranian nuclear deal, President Obama is asking the American people to get behind an agreement many feel will make the world less safe. Adam Goodman joined WDRC-AM Radio in Connecticut to discuss the deal, public opinion, and the obstacles before President Obama as he asks America to buy in.

“The country is being asked to trust a nation that has spread terrorism across the world,” said Goodman. “We are essentially paying Iran a $150-billion good-faith payment, which they’ll use in part to fund… terrorism across the region.”

“They (Israel) are a stone’s throw away from the theater of terror,” reminded Goodman, as Iran has pledged its self to the destruction of the Jewish nations.

Chuck Schumer, the incoming minority leader in the U.S. Senate, is being thrust into the spotlight. Goodman said that Schumer and other Senators will be asked whether they will “put party loyalty over the national security interests of this country; it is a vote, without exaggeration, that will be the most important vote of their careers.”

Looking at all the players in the Senate, Goodman said that Schumer “has an opportunity to stand up and lead.”

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