Is Bernie Sanders Plan B for Democrats?

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Sanders-021507-18335- 0004Today Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent and self-proclaimed “pro-business socialist” announced that he is running for President as a Democrat. This makes him the only other announced candidate in the Democratic Primary against Hillary Clinton. Here are my thoughts on why the 73-year-old “grumpy Grandpa” could actually be a breath of fresh air for Dems around the country:

1. An advisor for Sanders has already said that a key component of the Vermont Senator’s campaign will be accessibility. This is a direct shot across the bow of the SS Hillary who has yet to speak to the press since announcing her bid for President. 

2. Sanders also made it clear that one of his top issues is going to be campaign finance reform and how out of control big money behind elections has gotten since Citizens United. Also bad news for Hillary as she battles with controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

3. Bernie is far left of Hillary in terms of policy, which could earn him a decent following among Dems who feel Hillary is to far to the right (hard to believe, I know).

Bottom line: While Grandpa Bernie winning the Democratic nomination is a long shot, he may force Hillary to answer for some of the things the press can’t get out of her.  Additionally, as more and more of Hillary’s dirty laundry gets aired out, Bernie could look more like the only life boat amid the sinking SS Hillary. 

Even if Democrats don’t agree with him on all of his policy standpoints, he’s more relatable to everyday Americans than Hillary could ever stage…and most importantly, it give Dems a plan b. As we move forward in the primary, it will be telling to see who publicly jumps on board with Bernie…or as I’m calling him…#PlanB.

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