John Catsimatidis Radio-January 8, 2017

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VGI President and Fox News commentator Adam Goodman joined New York’s John Catsimatidis on his radio show to discuss President-elect Trump’s impending inauguration. What can we expect from the larger than life Trump? What will he say? What should he say.

“I think what Trump needs to do is have a little dash of Reagan as well as a little part of FDR. The Reagan part is basically that government is not the answer…we are. And FDR of all the things he said when he was president…were the words he said in his first inaugural that “we need action, and action now”, said Fox News commentator and Tufts University Senior Fellow Adam Goodman.

“FDR had the “New Deal”, “Donald Trump” has the “Now Deal”. He wants things to move and to happen now,” continued Goodman.

To listen to the entire interview, click on the link below.

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