Less blame, more leadership needed to combat shootings – Fox Business News, December 3, 2015

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Adam Goodman and syndicated radio host Christopher Hahn talked with Fox Business News’ Countdown to the Closing Bell host Liz Claman about the political fallout from Wednesday’s shooting in San Bernardino.

“We hear Harry Ried blaming Republicans for what happened… the Daily News and others are mocking Republicans for offering prayer and hope to the victims and their families,” said Goodman. “We have everybody pointing fingers of blame… before the facts are in.”

“What we need in this country is not a bunch of political showmanship,” said Goodman, calling for leadership and change in place of blame.

“We’re getting tired of taking it on the chin, of not measuring up when we have to, of not being there for our friends and allies when they get hurt half a world away,” said Goodman.

Goodman also asserted that mass shootings are less about gun policy and laws nationwide and more about a void of leadership and the distraction of pointing fingers, calling this the “Age of ISIS” in U.S. political conversation.

“As Americans, when we face crisis, traditionally we have pulled together and united,” said Goodman, calling for unity among Republicans and Democrats instead of blame.

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