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Turn on the news and you’re likely to hear multiple networks dissecting and reporting on one of Hillary Clinton’s numerous scandals. Benghazi, secret servers, deleted emails, foreign donations, and a pay-to-play State Department.

Unfortunately for the Presidential hopeful, her drama coincides with an American public which has the least amount of confidence in the federal government since…ever. Gee, I wonder why.

Last summer, Gallup conducted a poll where they asked people to rank a list of American institutions based on how much confidence they had in each. Some of the institutions in which the public felt least confident? The office of the President (#7), the criminal justice system (#10), and Congress (dead last).

The institutions which garnered the most confidence from the public? Our military, small businesses, and the police.

Despite the federal government consistently ranking low on the feel-good scale, President Obama has chosen to focus all of his attention on the police and the “mistrust” between them and the public. Even though an NBC/Marist poll in December still shows the majority of Americans have confidence in law enforcement, Obama prioritized the mistrust in this institution over others. He’s made public comments, issued press releases, created a special task force, and has now handed down a mandate on what he believes will fix these issues.

Since the President seems to be so concerned with trust issues, I’d like to know where he stands on the mistrust created by Hillary Clinton and her State Department? Where are the press releases, public statements and task forces demanding answers about the rules she broke, the evidence she took it upon herself to destroy, and the decisions she made which appear to be influenced by money from foreign governments.

If Obama was a good leader, one without an agenda, he would have tackled all mistrust issues as ferociously as he’s assailed our law enforcement. But that would first require him to be a leader.

Link to Gallup Poll: http://www.gallup.com/poll/1597/confidence-institutions.aspx
Link to NBC Poll: http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/poll-shows-deep-racial-divide-confidence-law-enforcement-n263041

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