Money Power Politics-January 12, 2017

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Senior Fellow at the Edward R. Murrow Center, Adam Goodman joined Craig Patrick for Thursday’s episode of Money Power Politics.

They talked about the latest BuzzFeed scandal and the memos that were shared by CNN with very little verification on whether the documents were true or not.

“I think we all agree that we want to look into the allegations, we all agree, wherever that takes us with the proper authorities,” said Goodman. “But it’s when media and press sometimes gets ahead of the curve and tries to deduce what the bottom line will be, that’s where I think we’ll have a new sheriff in town where he’s going to call them for jumping the gun unfairly before we really know what happened.”

Patrick and Goodman also talked about President-elect Trump’s first press conference since July, which took place on January 12.

“I think this is the most refreshing thing from [Donal Trump’s] press conference, a sense of urgency.

He said in no uncertain terms in this press conference we’re going to get things done and get things done now. Repeal and replace Obamacare in 90 days. The Wall, we’re going to get started on that now. I think that restlessness will be a kind of signature for the Trump administration to come,” said Goodman.

To watch the entire interview, click the link below.

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