NC “Bathroom Bill” raises legitimate questions about ethics and discrimination. – Fox News; May 5, 2016

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North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” has become a topic of national discussion, and now the Department of Justice has deemed the bill a violation of civil rights laws. Adam Goodman and Fox News Bureau Chief Ellen Ratner joined host Gregg Jarrett on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the social and political implications of the bill and the Department of Justice’s intervention.

The bill, which bans individuals from using bathrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex, targets transgender the transgender community and has been called discriminatory.

“Transgender politics is very new in the political discourse of this country,” said Goodman. “This suit that’s coming from the Justice Department is just as politically motivated as it is based in principle.”

“No one is in favor of discrimination, but there are legitimate questions,” said Goodman. Many parents have expressed discomfort with the idea of transgender men and women using bathrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex.

“There are parents that simply are not comfortable with this idea, of someone that is transgender going into a bathroom that their children are going to be in,” said Goodman. “People are asking this question and until they get answers, we’re still going to have stories on this particular issue.”

Goodman also said that Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory should be concerned with the economic impact of this bill as companies consider boycotting the state. Goodman agreed that this is the proper venue for a protest against discrimination.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo restricted government officials doing non-vital business with North Carolina, and Goodman expressed concerns about escalation among public officials surrounding the issue.

“When public officials get involved in a decision like this and state policy and state policies all over the country, I worry about the slippery slope of it,” said Goodman.


  1. Would you be comfortable with your young son in a public restroom with Kaitlin Jenner? This subject is more complex than birth gender.

  2. @ Jeanne Mcintosh

    Are you really that small minded and scared of something that is not familiar to you or were you dropped as a child?

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