The New American Transformers

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There’s a new reality show in America generating ratings and rave reviews before an audience that had been waiting a long time for it to begin.

It’s called “The New American Transformers,” but unlike the “Transformer” movies, this series does not revolve around a galactic battle, but something much more down to Earth.

It is a story about Americans looking to transform a system that’s broken, in a country that’s lost its way, led by politicians who’ve become more interested in self-preservation than national revival.

The search for newness, freshness and a jolt of confidence explains why both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, hailing from wholly different universes of ideology and temperament, are soaring today.

Both are armed with declarations of transformation, from policy and politics to America’s relations around the world.

Sensing our system is progressively collapsing under its own weight, Messrs. Trump and Sanders have come to embrace this truth. To their credit, the American people have as well.

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