If we’re not willing to call threat what it is, we’re doing little to stop it. – The O’Reilly Factor, June 17, 2016

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In the wake of the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, politicos nationwide are looking at the impact this event will have on the coming elections and future policy. This begins with looking at who is to blame for the attack and what can be done to prevent future terror attacks in America. Adam Goodman appeared on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor to discuss the policies of the current administration that may have helped lead to this attack.

Among the first to speak frankly on the topic was John McCain who called President Obama “directly responsible” for the attack. Obama’s decision to pull troops from Iraq has allowed for the spread of ISIS Europe and America.

“John McCain is a true American hero, and he brings a personal perspective to this argument that I think the President frankly doesn’t have,” said Goodman, who reminded viewers that the Obama administration issued a directive to remove specific terms from the FBI training manuals, including “radical Islamic terrorist.”

“If we’re not willing to call the threat for what it is, my opinion is we’re doing very little to stop it,” said Goodman.

“This is the result of a foreign policy under President Obama that’s been wavering, timid, and tepid,” said Goodman. “What we saw in Orlando the other day is the direct result, to some degree, of a foreign policy that hasn’t worked.”


  1. What is it going to take, for Mr. O’Bama to wake up ? …………. He needs to be taken out of office. And that’s not going to happen. I frankly, think just as I did a year ago.. M r. O’Bama is doing just as he did when he took office. He hates the USA.
    He has sold out enemy. Until someone who has morals takes over I guess we can do nothing.

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