Adam Goodman on Strategy Room

NY Governor Cuomo sets “dangerous precedent” with NC boycott – Fox News, March 29, 2016

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has sparked controversy once again by issuing a travel ban for all government employees for non-essential travel to North Carolina in protest of a gender law that discriminates against LGBT individuals.

Adam Goodman and Democratic strategist David Mercer weighed in on the issue and whether or not the governor should “intrude” on another state’s politics.

“Transgender issues are very new in the political dialogue of America,” said Goodman. “I think a lot of Americans… are struggling to catch up. There’s a legitimate debate between equal rights and rights of privacy.”

Goodman goes on to say that Cuomo’s move is purely political.

Goodman asks: “If you start threatening boycotts as a governor to other governors in other states, where does it end?”

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