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Political competition good for both parties and democracy -Fox News, February 12, 2016

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With record turnout at the Iowa caucuses and voting sites in New Hampshire, the 2016 primaries have already proven to be different than normal. Fox News called in Adam Goodman and Democratic strategist Douglas Smith to talk about the unique nature of the beginning elections and what voters can expect from the coming weeks.

“I’m all into the idea that political campaigns are about the competition of ideas,” said Goodman, “Now we’re seeing it’s also a competition of personalities.”

South Carolina’s primary election is fast approaching, and many are wondering what to expect from the event. “What’s really going on in South Carolina… is a fight between Trump and Cruz, which is essentially a fight between ideology and condemnation of the system as-is. I don’t know who wins that.”

“Donald Trump has signaled a change in strategy – at least in his ad strategy,” said Goodman. “He’s decided to go positive. I’m not sure how that plays.”

Many are also looking to the other Republican candidates beyond Trump and Cruz for additional competition.

“I think Rubio is doing what the other Republican candidates are all doing,” said Goodman. “They’re trying to measure up in an election that’s about strength and conviction in the next leader of the free world. And on that front I think Marco is doing really well.”

“I think this is good for the democracy… it’s really good for both sides that we have a spirited debate. I thought Hillary and Sanders last night did the same.” said Goodman. “It’s important to have this to understand where we’re headed as a party.”

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