The Political Impact of Brexit- FOX Business, July 27, 2016

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With the enormous decision finalized that Great Britain will leave the European Union, it’s easy to connect the antiestablishment theme to what is currently going on here in America during this presidential campaign cycle.

Adam Goodman joined host Charles Payne on Fox Business along with Boston Herald Columnist Adriana Cohen, GOP Strategist Ford O’ Connell and Former U.K. Parliament Candidate Brian Cattell to discuss the political implication of “Brexit” here in America.

Adam Goodman highlights the validity of the “Brexit” vote by saying, “71.8% turned out in the British elections, so it was a clear voice of a majority that spoke.”

Goodman feels that the 8 to 10-point shift in polls just a week before the vote is solely because of something he calls the Rizzo Factor, named after Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia. “There’s a hidden vote in that election [that comes] from people who are frustrated and maybe weren’t publically ready yet to disclose that.”

This should be a warning shot for Hillary Clinton because as Goodman said, “The Rizzo factor is in play for Donald Trump and there’s a huge hidden vote in America that’s feeling just as frustrated as the people in England did and they’re ready to exercise that vote.”


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