‘Yuge’ Hidden Vote for Donald Trump – CNN, July 2, 2016

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The polls are showing Donald Trump far behind Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup, but is there a massive missing vote from Trump supporters who don’t speak up? Adam Goodman appeared on CNN’s Smerconish with Republican Pollster Ed Goeas to tell us whether or not the polls can be trusted in the case of Clinton v. Trump.

“I believe what’s going on is… just different,” said Goodman. “More Americans than ever have seen behind the curtain. They’ve seen how the process works, and they’re kind of upset about it.”

“This is a referendum on the system. We have two candidates that have very high negatives.”

For the last 12 years, polls have shown that Americans are dissatisfied with the government system, and Goodman says the Trump phenomenon can be attributed to his “outsider” status.

“What people are looking for is someone that’s going to take on the system that has been letting us down,” said Goodman. “I think, at the end of the day, in the quiet of the ballot box… in that hidden moment, a lot of people are going to weigh in and that’s what they’re going to be weighing in on. That’s why I believe that Donald Trump, at the end of the game, if he’s close to Hillary Clinton, is going to be right where he needs to be to win.”

Goodman discussed the Rizzo factor in a recent op-ed for the Daily Beast where he likened Donald Trump to Former Mayor Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia, who historically had poor showings in the polls but won his election anyway through the ‘hidden vote’ who did not openly admit they would vote for Rizzo. Rizzo was often criticized for his brash disregard for political correctness, much like Trump.

“He nearly won that campaign in the end because he said ‘you and your family will be safe again,” said Goodman of Rizzo, and said that he believes the same will happen with Trump.

After the general election contest and debates, which Goodman anticipates will be of “Super Bowl, epic” proportions, Donald Trump will prevail.

“We’re actually going to have a break in this field and in the polls, and [voters] will go for what they feel is necessary to get this country back on its feet again and working again, and that’s where I believe, if he’s close, Donald Trump will pull a Frank Rizzo and become President of the United States.”


  1. Adam again is probably right. The “secret visit”by Fmr Pres. Clinton with Atty Lynch my have put the nail in the coffin on this race.

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