Pride and humility go by the wayside with open crowdfunding sites

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By Ashley Intartaglia

Recently I’ve noticed a new trend on social media that makes my skin crawl every time I see it pop up in my feed. No, it’s not a Vine video where a black speck morphs into an army of spider babies. It’s not an epic-fail compilation where some skateboarder breaks a limb on camera…and no…it’s not Hillary Clinton telling CNN that Americans trust her. (shivers)

It’s people using crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe to cover personal expenses.

GoFundMe and other similar sites are great platforms to raise money for a good cause and we use them frequently in the world of animal rescue to fund emergency care, heartworm treatment, etc. But what I’m seeing is the use of these platforms to fund personal expenses such as moving costs, education fees, and home improvements, just to name a few.

Apparently asking people to help you live outside of your means in non-emergency situations is socially acceptable now. (face palm)

I don’t mean to sound cruel in writing this, but it honestly makes me nauseous reading some of the descriptions on these donation pages. Maybe I’m crazy…but when I can’t afford something I either look for a cheaper option, save money for it, or postpone the purchase altogether. It has never once crossed my mind that an acceptable solution was to ask other people to pay for it.

When did we become a society without pride or humility? There used to be a time where financial issues were private, personal matters shared with maybe a family member or a close friend. Now we broadcast our financial woes on Facebook and ask for your charity, completely void of embarrassment, shame, or a sense of privacy. For me…this is equivalent to people who openly discuss their bodily functions in a social setting.

Or maybe I’ve been limiting myself by living within the confines of my paychecks. I really would like to buy some ceiling fans for my house, and I’d love to renovate the fire pit out back…and I am out of toilet paper. Click HERE to GoFundMe!


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