Sanders and Trump have “forever changed” primary contests. – Fox News; April 28, 2016

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Photos by Gage Skidmore

As the primaries go on, Bernie Sanders’ White House hopes have dwindled more and more. As April closes, he has little path to the White House but may still play a substantial role in the upcoming Democratic Convention. Adam Goodman and Fox News Bureau Chief and Contributor Ellen Ratner joined host Lauren Green on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss what Sanders could achieve from here.

“I think both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have clearly and forever changed the way the parties behave in these primary contests,” said Goodman. “I think both parties needed it.”

Goodman also said that Sanders’ impact has been to move primaries from an “insider’s parlor game to a public outcry over fairness.” Many Americans have expressed disease with the delegate system that often denies a candidate with a substantial percentage of the vote delegates to carry into their party’s convention.

Though Sanders and Trump have started movements within their parties and among voters advocating for fairness, Goodman said party unity is paramount going into the GOP and Democratic conventions.

Movements aren’t things that are easily ended or quashed by a political calendar,” said Goodman. “They continue on. I think Bernie Sanders has started something, and it’s not going to end with the party convention or the November election.”

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