Strengths and Weaknesses in First Debate – Fox News, September 21, 2016

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With the election fast approaching, Americans are looking toward the Presidential Debates to help decide which candidate to support. Adam Goodman joined Fox News to discuss each candidate’s strengths going into the debates and discussing the issues America cares about most – our country’s direction, prosperity, and security.

Goodman said that the topic of the country’s overall direction should concern Hillary Clinton the most since 63% of voters are dissatisfied with the nation’s current trajectory.

“This is a ‘change’ election atmosphere, and what Donald Trump has to do is tie into that wave,” said Goodman. “What Hillary Clinton has to do is not make this a referendum on the system, but a referendum on Donald Trump – on his temperament and his fitness for office.”

“This particular question, the direction of the country, I think plays into the hands of the outside – in this case, Donald Trump,” said Goodman.

On questions of immigration, national security, Clinton has the edge while Trump maintains significantly more support on economic matters.

Goodman says that Trump’s successes and backgrounds in business should give him the edge, even if Clinton appeals to Americans’ favoritism of “the little guy.”

On the subject of national security, Goodman says recent terrorist attacks in New Jersey could sway voters in Trump’s favor.

“Any time ISIS sends us a message or a dose of terrorism, is a good day for the challenger,” said Goodman, adding that Clinton should not try to defend her record as Secretary of State.

“She’s going to have to bring it,” said Goodman. “She’s going to have to show she will be no nonsense, strong, and unwavering when it comes to taking this out.”

Goodman added that the debates between these two candidates will be like ‘Monday Night Politics’ instead of ‘Monday Night Football,’ where success will be determined as much by style as it is by substance.

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