That Make or Break Moment – The Daily Beast; August 4, 2016

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Adam Goodman’s latest column, published in the Daily Beast, takes a unique look at 20th-century mathematician Rene Thom’s catastrophe theory and how it can be applied to today’s battle for the United States Presidency.

Catastrophe theory, Goodman explains, states that “one thing can spark a titanic event,” and can be applied to natural phenomena and human behavior alike.

Goodman writes:

“Thom would argue one event, one thing, will ultimately differentiate winning from losing, between building a huuuge Trumpian wall or dismantling an historic gender barrier.

With the dueling conventions behind us, it’s time to ask what might that “one thing” be?”

Goodman takes a look at four possible events that could decide the presidency and predicts how they could impact either Trump or Clinton’s campaign.

Read the complete column at The Daily Beast.

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