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The ad wars have begun – Fox News, December 28, 2015

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The fast approach of the first primaries has prompted an increase in advertising spending among GOP candidates. Neil Cavuto called upon Adam Goodman for an expert perspective on the increase in advertising and spending in key states.

“The ad wars have begun,” said Goodman. “You’re looking at the beginning of a process where probably upwards of $ billion will be spent on ads across America in almost every major campaign across America.”

“Right now it’s not about the size of the ad bucks – it’s about the grab of the messenger and the message. You see that in the ads already, not just in the day-to-day free ads of billionaire Trump,” said Goodman, who noted that Trump is receiving more media coverage and interview than any other candidate, reducing his need for paid advertising.

“It’s in Marco Rubio’s ad on ISIS, the Christie ad on national security, the Cruz ad on border security – even Jeb Bush when he… had half The Citadel behind him in one of the ads where he showed strength in being Commander in Chief of the military.”

Goodman called this ad blitz a “uniquely American tradition” where campaigns move into America’s living rooms and digital devices nationwide.

Cavuto and Goodman also discussed Trump’s campaign and its minimal television advertising and reliance on media interviews for messaging.

“Every time Donald Trump goes on the air… it’s up to $1 million or better bump without having to spend a nickel,” said Goodman. “It’s the most inventive – you might say ingenious – media campaign without spending much that we’ve seen in presidential politics.”

Goodman called the coming months a “survival” game for candidates like Bush, Rubio, and Christie looking for the GOP establishment’s support.

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