The CNN Debate – 5 Takeaways

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11 Candidates & 23 million viewers


If civic involvement is a predictor of a nation’s health, the 23 million CNN viewers last night affirms that our nation remains alive, well and tuned in.


Carly had the most to gain, Jeb the most to prove, and Trump the most to handle. All three scored, together with an engaging Carson, a cool hand Cruz, and a resurgent Christie. Hillary would have her hands full with ANY of them.


Best line of the night: Christie dissing the self-assessments of both Trump and Fiorina: “You’re both successful people. Congratulations. (Now) stop this childish back and forth”


“Debate winner” Carly, amid a command performance, flashed anger at being challenged re her CEO credentials; only time she seemed vulnerable.  Opponents took note.


11 closing answers; 11 strong statements of character, ability, and resolve; politics at its noble best – the race is on, and at least seven of the contenders last night have a real shot at winning.


Fox News clearly outpointed CNN for debate format, decorum and coverage, but not for backdrop. Air Force One in the Reagan Library? That’s a prop and a location that transcends cool.

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