Trump hits back at Clinton for calling him ‘not qualified’ – Fox News; May 20, 2016

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After a statement by Hillary Clinton saying that Donald Trump wasn’t qualified to become the next U.S. president Trump struck back with a statement about her reluctance to use the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.

Adam Goodman and Holly Shulman, joined host Gregg Jarrett on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the ongoing conflict and qualifications of presidential hopefuls Trump and Clinton.

When analyzing Trump’s statement about former secretary Clinton Adam Goodman says welcome to the age of spontaneous leadership where Trump’s tells it like it is.

Hillary’s statement about Trump’s qualifications don’t coincide with article 2 section 1 of the United States Constitution which states that the minimum requirements to run are to be over the age of 35 and to be a natural born citizen. With her thought process presidents Woodrow Wilson and Dwight D Eisenhower would not have been eligible to run.

Ultimately Donald Trump is a candidate running on real emotions, not a polished statement perfected by a politician. With over 35 years of experience, Goodman says ultimately people use their minds to justify what they’re feeling inside.

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