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Trump and the “Now” Deal – Fox Business; April 15, 2015

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As Donald Trump bemoans the “unfairness” of the party convention system to choose nominees, many Americans are starting to consider the fairness (or lack thereof) of delegate math.

Adam Goodman appeared on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto to discuss this and Trump’s renewed support nationwide.

“He’s going to the heart of the doctrine of fairness: one person, one vote,” says Goodman. “I think the parties have a tough time explaining that away.”

“Donald Trump is all about the ‘now’ deal,” adds Goodman. “Let’s fix the borders now. Let’s take out ISIS now. Let’s support our Veterans now. Let’s start winning now.”

Cavuto pointed out that current projections show Trump losing on the first ballot at the July GOP convention, but Goodman says Trump may be looking to strike the deal of the century with Republican leadership should he fall short of the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

“I think Donald Trump understands that if he’s short, the worst thing he could do is wait for a second or third ballot,” said Goodman. “I think he’s going to strike a deal.”

If nothing else, Goodman predicts surprises from the GOP convention.

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