Trump on a roll with homecoming in East – Fox News; April 20, 2016

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Photos by Gage Skidmore

Frontrunners Trump and Clinton are poised to take next week’s Connecticut presidential primary according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Fox News called in experts Adam Goodman and Democratic strategist Joe Lestingi to discuss what this means for the other contenders and the race overall.

Five primaries will take place in the East the week of April 24, making this week critical to “stop Trump,” says Governor John Kasich.

“Right now what you’re seeing with Donald Trump is not just a homecoming,” said Goodman. Trump recently won the primary in his home state of New York. “It’s a regional homecoming… he’s on a roll.”

Goodman also said Kasich needs momentum to win Indiana’s primary as he tries to “stoke the fires of competition” and positions himself as an alternative to Trump for Republican voters.

Turning to the Democrats, Goodman said that Sanders needed to show more vitality in the race.

“He, like Trump, is talking about a system that is rigged and unfair. His beef, of course, is with the Super Delegates,” said Goodman.

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