Trump will put America back to work – The O’Reilly Factor, June 3, 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11_0001_Layer 0Adam Goodman joined Eric Bolling and Democratic strategist Richard Goldstein on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss America’s economy and President Obama’s “victory lap” concerning economic growth.

“The wealth gap is increasing, and the middle class is shrinking,” said Goodman. “Half a million Americans in May alone stopped looking for work as they were so discouraged. 40% of Americans today have no more than $400 in reserve in case something happens.”

Goodman said that this economy explains why two-thirds of Americans are disheartened about where America is going as a country – a status that Donald Trump could ride straight into the White House.

“Go to Main Street. Ask the people in places like Danville and Modesto and Yuma how well they’re doing. They’re going to tell you they’re not doing well at all, which is why one of the things Donald Trump has advanced in terms of investing in America has been investing in infrastructure,” said Goodman.

In America, 58,000 bridges are in disrepair; one-third of our roads are in need of repair and resurfacing work; and subway systems are in need of extensive repairs, including the Washington DC subway system where a 6-month shutdown may be necessary.

“Americans want to invest back in America again,” said Goodman.

Hillary Clinton has been treating Obama’s economic record as an asset, but Goodman says it should be added to the list of obstacles in her way along with the FBI investigation and Bernie Sanders.

Of Trump, Goodman said “he’s going to do what Ronald Reagan did. He’s going to cut taxes and regulations. He’s going to get America back to work again.”

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