Has Trump’s favorability improved? – FOX News June 15, 2016

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The latest polls show Donald Trump behind Hillary Clinton nationally, causing discontent among GOP loyalists. Adam Goodman joined host Charles Payne on Fox Business along with Arizona Trump Campaign Chairman Jeff DeWit, Political Analyst Ford O’ Connell, and Democratic Strategist David Morey.

Panelists weighed in on Trump’s strategy, and Adam Goodman cautioned against reading too much into the latest polls. “Polls are snapshots in time. I think the polls that you saw from NBC, Bloomberg reflected a very bad week for Donald Trump in the last week and a very good one for Hillary.”

“Don’t take any of these polls overly serious yet,” said Goodman of poll accuracy this far from the general election. “It’s almost like the Kentucky Derby where they have 14 races, the Derby is the 12th race and we’re in the 5th race right now.”

When questioned by host Charles Payne on what Trump should avoid, Goodman said: “He is a new candidate on a national trail… and I think he’s learning every day. There will be tactical adjustments made, but if he loses that magic that is the spontaneity of Donald Trump he may lose more than a couple points in the polls.”

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