Virginia AG’s move on concealed weapons about politics, not policy – Fox News, December 23, 2015

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Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced on Tuesday that concealed carry gun permits from 25 states will no longer be recognized in the commonwealth beginning February 1. The 25 states have lax law compared to Virginia, where previous offenses and conditions like drug dealing and inpatient mental health treatment can prevent someone from carrying a concealed firearm.

Adam Goodman and democrat Ellen Ratner debated whether Herring’s decision increases safety in Virginia on’s Strategy Room with Patti Ann Browne.

“Three of the exclusions in the Florida code to those who are able to carry a concealed weapon include convicted felons and fugitives from justice,” said Goodman. “Well, convicted felons would cover drug dealers, as AG Mark Herring said in Virginia. It would certainly cover stalkers, which is something that Herring referred to.”

“The obvious is that the President and others, in this time of peril in terms of national security, have chosen to focus on gun laws and the rights of citizens as opposed to locking down our borders and keeping us safe.”

Goodman maintains that this new policy is less about keeping Virginians safe and more about politics as more Americans purchase guns nationwide.

“There is still incredible concern in this country about our own security,” said Goodman. “What’s behind this is pure politics, and you better believe this will be a major issue in the 2016 campaign.”

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