We won’t hear the truth of Hillary’s record at DNC – Fox News; July 28, 2016

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As Hillary Clinton prepares to accept the nomination as the Democratic nominee, many are wondering if her past record as Secretary of State will hurt her in the polls. Adam Goodman appeared on Fox and Friends from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to discuss the record the Democratic Party wants America to forget.
“Either she’s inheriting the mantle and legacy of President Obama, which clearly last night seemed to be the message from the convention floor, or she’s going to change things,” said Goodman.
Goodman said the lack of clarity puts a greater burden on Clinton to explain her plans and policies as she becomes the official nominee of the Democratic party, especially as the party comes under fire for ignoring the threat of ISIS in the first days of the convention.
“It was unforgivable,” says Goodman of the omission. “It’s not just about foreign policy. Yesterday… we heard that three more (Baltimore) police officers were exonerated from the rush to judgment that was coming at them from District Attorney Mosby who was trying to seek justice.”
“This country is looking for a leader that can bring it in terms of making people feel safe and secure again, and this convention for all the choreography and all the stars has really failed to measure up,” said Goodman.
“Ask any American: What has Hillary Clinton done? What has she achieved as Secretary of State?” asks Goodman. “Usually, you come up with the words she doesn’t want to hear like ‘Benghazi,’ the Iran treaty, the mess in Syria. She has a very mixed record.”
Goodman also says that the American people are uncomfortable with America’s flagging leadership internationally – a record that Hillary Clinton owns with President Obama.

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